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You probably know what it feels like to suffer eye fatigue or neck strain or neck pain from being in front of the computer all day…

You may even notice that stress triggers your headaches and causes havoc on your nerves and muscles…

I know what that is like. For years I worked sitting at a desk in front of my computer all day…

It gave me terrible headaches and eye strain…

I even tried typing standing up, I tried to type sitting down and lying in nearly every position, but this did not help…

I’ve purchased those ergonomic products and exercise balls. I used those split keyboards and foot stools. But nothing really helped…

One Day I Discovered A Powerful Method That Works With Your Brain And Nervous System

You see, humans are not biomechanically designed to sit at a desk in front of a computer screen all day, but many of us HAVE TO because of our jobs and busy life…

Sitting for long periods and staring at electronic devices can cause all sorts of problems from eye strain, to back pain, stiff shoulders and painful headaches.

But it is possible to rewire your brain out of these habit patterns that are causing you pain…

What’s better is that these unusual methods are backed by solid research…

Now before I tell you about these methods that are based on real science.

Did You Know That Many Headache Treatments Can Cause GREATER Problems?1

In a clinical survey, research revealed that many headache sufferers are driven to expensive treatments that are “largely ineffective.”2

While other headache sufferers who participated in simple and lesser-known exercises had a “significant reduction” in headaches.3

Most people use drugs or medication to feel better, but analgesic drugs and medications have shown to actually increase problems, causing “rebound headaches” and “medication overuse headaches.”4

But There Is A Solution…

The brain can rewire itself to bring lasting relief… A permanent solution requires changing the brain and our habit patterns.

The brain is extremely malleable. Neuroscientist know this, they call it neuroplasticity. The brain has neurons which are cells that create neural pathways by sending signals to each other.

Now when you’re stuck in a habit loop of slouching or walking with hunched shoulders or if you have what chiropractors call the “forward neck syndrome,” from being in front of a computer screen all day, this causes a habit and it is hard to break without the right tools.

By relearning how to move, sit and stand properly, you can start to change your neural pathways and solidify them through repetition. When this happens it becomes automatic and scientists know that when our neural pathways change, our brain chemistry actually changes along with it. And our new pain free behavior will become automatic over time.

The denser our new neural pathways become, the easier it is to move, sit and stand WITHOUT pain. This method is a clever way that works together with your brain and nervous system.

Next time you’re out on the street, look around you and notice how people are walking. You may see many people walking with hunched shoulders, or a locked pelvis. They may be lunging their neck forward or even constantly squinting.

Most people continue in these habits because no one has told them how to move and they continue doing it – unaware that this is a major cause of their pain.

Once You Finish Reading This Page – You’ll Be More Educated Than 90.5% Of Headache Sufferers.

“Posture and normal physiology and function are interrelated. Abnormal posture is evident in patients with chronic pain-related conditions including backache, headache and stress-related illnesses.5
American Journal Of Pain Managment ~ January 1994

“Nearly 90% of people in the US have forward neck posture” and it is aggravated by everyday activities. Long-term forward neck posture can lead to long term pain and muscle strain, unless it is corrected.6
Mayo Clinic Health Letter Vol. 18, #3, March 2000

“Forward posture of the head can add as much as 30 pounds of extra weight that the head must hold up. Under this weight the vertebrae decay 300% faster” One inch of the head moving forward results in increased weight on the neck of 10 pounds!7
Dr Rene Calliet ~ Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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…Introducing The Complete Headache Truth System:

1. Headache Truth Printable Guide (PDF)

This printable guide contains research-backed remedies. You’ll understand why certain exercises and behavioral techniques have shown to dramatically decrease headaches. This system uses a multi-dimensional approach to gain natural relief.

2. Correcting Posture Video (MP4)

Yoga for posture video3

I’ve spent years of research and trial and error trying different methods to improve posture and I have found the most effective sequence. I use this sequence myself. The more you do this sequence the more your body and brain will memorize how to stand, sit and move.

  • Certain yoga exercises caused a significant reduction in migraine and headache pain in subjects.8
  • Yoga reduced neck pain, “influences the functional status of neck muscles,” and improved movement and decreased pain.9

3. Easy Audio Exercises (Feldenkrais method – MP3)

binaural beats image3

Everyone acquires subtle habits about how they sit, move and stand. Over the years these habits put unnecessary stress on our body and cause us a great deal of pain. These painful habit patterns become solidified in the connections between of our muscular system and the motor cortex of our brain.

  • After an 8-week intervention using the Feldenkrais technique, chronic pain sufferers had a reduction in pain and a decrease using pain medicine which resulted in a 40% cost reduction in their medical care.10
  • In a study consisting of 97 employees in Sweden, there was a “significant” reduction in the complaints of head and shoulder pain with those using the Feldenkrais method compared to the control group and a group using physical therapy.11
  • Feldenkrais Method had reduced pain significantly, and improved motor function in 34 patients with chronic pain. These patients continued to independently use the Feldenkrais techniques 2 years after the study because of the significant improvement it had on their life.12
  • Chronic pain patients that participated in meditation reduced physician visits by a whopping 36%.17
  • Several studies show that certain meditations have dramatically reduced headaches and physical pain.18
  • People with chronic pain that meditated for a period of eight weeks showed decrease in pain and an improvements in movement and physical functioning.19
  • Employees who participated in meditation reported a significant reduction headache pain and back pain.20

4.Brainwave Entrainment For Headaches Audio (MP3)

Binaural beats is an auditory brainstem response that originate in a place of each hemisphere of the brain called the “super olivary nucleus” which is the result of listening to 2 dissimilar frequencies. This unusual technique is backed by incredible amounts of research.

  • Tina L Huang, PHD., and Christine Charyton, PHD revealed that people who suffered from headaches, migraines and pain all benefited from brainwave entrainment and it has shown to be an “efffective therapeutic tool.”13
  • Brainwave entrainment has shown to improve pain management and decrease stress.14
  • Brainwave entrainment have been shown to improve cognitive skills such as memory and learning as well as pain control.”15
  • Brainwave entrainment that take users into a alpha brainwave state showed to ease pain.”16

5. Headache Self – Massage Video (MP4)

Head massagepoint

Muscle specific massages according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupressure) is a great way to reduce chronic headaches and migraines. There is a growing body of research to support head massages on specific points as an effective therapeutic tool.

  • Muscle specific massages have been used to reduce chronic headaches and migraines and there is a growing body of research to support it as an effective therapeutic tool.
  • Massaging specific points on muscles, such as those used in acupressure, have shown to reduce pain and chronic migraine/headache conditions.21
  • Other studies have shown that massaging strategic points on muscles resulted in reduced pain and tension in the head, neck and lower back.22,23
  • Another study revealed that there was a decrease in neck pain and that the use of massaging certain trigger points reduced pain.24

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