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“I struggled with headaches for nearly a decade. Sometimes I had a hard time just making it through the day.”

I worked sitting at a desk in front of my computer all day. It gave me terrible headaches…

I tried typing standing up, sitting down and lying in nearly every position. But nothing helped….

I bought exercise balls and all sorts of ergonomic equipment….

I’ve been to a slew of practitioners who prescribed all sorts of pain pills…

I’ve used naturopathic drops, lotions and creams, but NOTHING delivered lasting relief…

It wasn’t until one day someone showed me a technique that works synergistically with your brain and body – to reprogram out of painful habit patterns.

Since my discovery, I have managed my headaches long-term…

I still spend long hours in front of a computer screen for work, but I no longer get excruciating headaches…

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“Humans are not biomechanically designed to sit at a desk all day but many of us have to!”

Headache at desk

The truth is, humans are not designed to sit and stare at electronics all day but many of us have to because of our jobs…

…Instead of seeking drugs, which our body digests and metabolizes, why not try natural technique that works with the brain and nervous system to correct the underlying problem…

Analgesic drugs can be dangerous and addictive. Repeated studies find that pain pills cause “medication overuse headaches” and actually feeds headache pain.2

Lets face it, most conventional treatments address the symptoms not the causes – and can have serious side effects!

“Methods That Reboot The Body & Brain Out Of Painful Habit Patterns”

Unusual Mind-Body Techniques That Have Been Backed By Solid Research And Proven By Science

Headache sufferers that participated in certain mind-body exercises had a significant reduction in headaches.3

Natural solutions that works with your body and nervous system have been published in scientific literature as a way to decrease pain perception,4 decrease tension,5 reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches,6 lower medication use and increase cervical motion.7

The Headache Truth System was designed to use enable anyone to use these scientifically-backed techniques.

By taking action today, you will be able to get the entire Headache Truth System for $37.00.

LEARN about these evidence-based techniques that research confirms deceases frequency, intensity and duration of headaches.

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To Your Success,
– Aaron Roberts
M.S. Rehabilitation Counseling

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